January Is For Reading

This has been a great month for reading. When temperatures dip to below freezing there is no better cure than to sit in your chair with a good book. It is even better if you have the stamina to keep the fire in the fireplace burning brightly.

And that’s how I’ve spent the last month as you can see by the number of books I’ve completed. I see no rational reason to ‘get out’ and socialize at this time of year.

My reading goal each year is to read one book per week – 52 books per year. I don’t always make it, but occasionally I come close. This month I’ve read a strange variety of books. Some I enthusiastically recommend. Others – not so much. Here they are in order of my preference:

The Knowledge of the Holy by AW Tozer – I started this book last year and finished it this month. There is so much on which to meditate in this book, I had to read it in small bites. Poetry, hymns, and scripture passages reveal more of Almighty God. I highly recommend this book if you want to know Him more.

Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller – Keller defines idolatry in a way every sinner can understand – and not deny. He shares examples from scripture opening God’s Word in a deeper way. Several times as I read his commentary, I was so thrilled with my new understanding that I wanted to share with everyone. Read this book!

Rim of the Sandhills by James Sire – An eBook that needs better proofreading, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the memoirs of the author. A very educated man, it was as if I was sitting in a comfortable chair listening to him as he remembered life from growing up in Nebraska to serving as Chief Editor at InterVarsity Press. The book is filled with humor, common sense, and history.

3-Minute Tolkien by Gary Raymond and John Howe – This was an impulse buy as I walked through Barnes and Noble last weekend. Never one to pass up Tolkien, I was captured by the pictures of his original books, maps, and drawings. The layout is impressive and in only 3 hours I learned some interesting facts. (Frodo was originally named Bingo.) The book includes snippets of how Tolkien has influenced movies, music, and gaming.

Implosion by Joel Rosenberg – Always an interesting and currently relevant author, Rosenberg evaluates the state of the Union. A great book for anyone unfamiliar with Biblical prophecy and a refresher, with current trends and statistics, for more knowledgeable Bible readers. As in many of his other books, this book also has an incident which ‘comes true.’ An excellent read.

Granny Brand by Dorothy Clarke Wilson – A moving and convicting story about a woman who dedicated her life to sharing the Gospel and God’s love with the people of India. After reading Ten Fingers for God for book club on the life of her son, Dr. Paul Brand, this was a great addition to round out the story.

Wild: Lost and Found on the Pacific Coast Trail by Carol Strayed – The story was well written and moved at a fairly quick pace. However, much of the content of the book was tiresome and unnecessary. Written as a memoir of her young life and how she hoped to find herself on the PCT, the book has a depressive feeling about it much of the time. It is not a guidebook to hiking either, as she is an untrained and ill-prepared novice.

Dewey’s Nine Lives by Vicki Myron – I enjoyed the first book about Dewey the library cat. I might have enjoyed this book more if I had understood exactly what it was. Each chapter (There are nine.) details how a cat impacted the life an individual – who needed love. It expresses the love, fun, and dedication of each cat. Myron gives history of the towns, details of harsh living, and often draws interesting conclusions. There were times I tired of hearing her own story over again. The book has a rather surprising ending. Unless you are a cat lover I don’t recommend this book. (I was disappointed.)

A Year of Biblical Womenhood by Rachel Held Evans – This book is a mixture of humor, Biblical insight, liberal viewpoints, critical judgments, interesting facts, and sarcastic comments. Not all bad, not all good. The book should be read with a grain of salt or maybe a salt shaker. I’m having more fun reading all the reviews of her book than I did the book itself.

Now, let’s get started on the books for February.


About Lynnette

A sinner saved by grace, adopted, and now a Child of the Living God. My greatest desire is to please my Heavenly Father in all that I say and do.
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  1. Janet Bowman says:

    I will save your list for future reference. Thanks, Janet. Also, I got your letter on our donations and sent it out right away.

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