My History with Hats

Last Saturday I wandered around a local neighborhood searching for something to buy. Although there was an abundance of garage sales, I only spent $3.00. But, at one sale I had a flashback to the past. For $15.00 I could have purchased an eight-track tape player and a box of tapes. I laughed. It is good that some things go out of style.

However, there are some things that have gone out of style which should be welcomed back. Embroidered hankies. Hand-written thank you notes. Porch swings. Hats.

Really. What could be better than wearing a hat? After all the discussion about hats at the royal wedding I began thinking. When I was young, my mom and my grandmother wore hats to church. I’m pretty sure all the ladies of the church wore them, but I distinctly remember Gramma Attig and my mom putting their hats on right before we would go out to the car. I wore hats on special Sundays – like Easter.

Now, this is true elegance – hat and gloves!

I remember my mom had a pretty light blue lace covered hat with a small feather in it. Very stylish. This was about the time that First Lady Jackie Kennedy made the pillbox hat very popular. Other special occasions might be when you are playing dress up and mom let’s you pretend to be a grown-up.

I couldn’t find the picture of me in my little red cowboy hat. That was from the era of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

The last time I wore a hat was in the early 1970’s and it’s one of my favorite pictures taken by Roger Frederick. I think it was at Kennel Lake!

Hats. You just might be surprised where cute little hats turn up next.


About Lynnette

A sinner saved by grace, adopted, and now a Child of the Living God. My greatest desire is to please my Heavenly Father in all that I say and do.
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2 Responses to My History with Hats

  1. Sarah says:

    What fun! šŸ™‚

  2. Kay Lockard says:

    I wonder if hats will become more popular now that everyone saw them at the Royal Wedding.

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