From Flip Flops to Wool Socks

I just returned from two lovely weeks in Kauai. While there my feet enjoyed the freedom of flip flops. But, with the flight home and landing in Illinois in November, they are now imprisoned in socks and tennis shoes. There are some drastic changes that happen between Hawaii and Illinois, but the sights, smells, and feel of Hawaiian memories stay very fresh in my mind. I thought perhaps I’d share them with you.

One afternoon we sat on Salt Pond Beach and waited for the sunset.


We waited an hour longer to see the stars. Salt Pond Beach is located on the southwest of Kauai and remote from too many lights. We drove to the end of the beach parking lot, stepped out of the car, and looked up. The four of us said “Wow!” in unison. It was easy to see the Milky Way and difficult to see the constellations because there were so many stars! At home, we only see the brightest stars which make up the constellations. I could have stared for hours!

On my last trip to Kauai we tried two times to see Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Both times we started out in sunshine, but clouds rolled in and we saw nothing but clouds. This trip we tried again.

Words cannot describe the beauty of this canyon and the surprise to see it on the right with the ocean on the left! We also drove to the end of the road and were excited to see the start of the Na Pali Coast. While we were there the clouds rolled in but this time, we’d seen the beauty and enjoyed the clouds as well!

Breathtaking. A great word to describe the views in Kauai.



About Lynnette

A sinner saved by grace, adopted, and now a Child of the Living God. My greatest desire is to please my Heavenly Father in all that I say and do.
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2 Responses to From Flip Flops to Wool Socks

  1. Janet Bowman says:


    What nice pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us. Hawaii is not a state we have visted yet. But it is on my list. Hopefully, that will be soon. Glad to have you back home safe.

    Love, Janet

  2. Sarah says:

    Glad you enjoyed your warm vacation! I have friends who saw both Waimea Canyon and took a boat tour of the Na Pali Coast this summer. All the pictures are breath-taking.

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